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Useful Links

Wave Broadband (cable & internet)
Frontier Communications (phone & internet)

Puget Sound Energy (gas & electricity)
NE Sammamish Water & Sewer

Republic Services (garbage -  Thurs/Fri pickup)

Lake Washington School District

Neighboring HOAs

Sometimes it's confusing with so many "Timberline neighborhoods".  Here's a list of nearby HOAs:

Timberline &Timberline Highlands
Timberline  Park 

Sterling Woods


You can figure out your HOA using this map.

Painting your house

If you are planning on painting the exterior of your house, you are required to contact the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval.
When repainting with the same color , approval will be automatic (but the ACC still needs to be notified).  If you are changing the color, the ACC must review and approve the color change prior to commencing the work.
Contact the ACC at:


Exterior Renovations

Building an outdoor living space? 

Adding or moving a fence?  

Any update or modification to the exterior of your home requires ACC approval.
If you are planning a renovation, contact the ACC prior to commencing any work at:


Relandscaping Your Yard

Major landscaping projects should be reviewed by the HOA Landscaping Committee. 

Contact the Landscaping Committee Chair at: SusanWr@msn.com

If you are considering removing trees, see the city's Tree Removal Guidelines.

More info is available on our Landscaping Page.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are assessed to support the maintenance of our parks, tennis courts and all the TR HOA common areas.  

Invoices are mailed in December and payment is due by January 1st.  The 2019 Dues were $645 per household.     

 Home owners are responsible for paying annual dues (they are not paid by your mortgage escrow account).

Annual Meeting

The TR HOA holds its annual meeting every year in Q4.  All property owners are welcome to attend. If you are unable to attend, you can vote via proxy.  The meeting announcement and proxy form will be mailed early Q4. 

The 2018 Annual Meeting was held Nov 28th.  You can find the meeting minutes here.

Selling your home?

When selling your home, you must inform your realtor & title company that your home is part of an HOA and subject to CC&Rs. The TR HOA must provide documentation to the title company indicating annual dues amount and any balance owed to the HOA.   

Have your title company complete the online form to initiate the HOA Payoff Demand paperwork be completed. 

Lost Mailbox key?

If you have lost the key to your mailbox,

please contact a locksmith to have it 

replaced.  The TR HOA does not provide 

replacement keys. 

Where is my Property Line?

Not sure where your property line is?  

Check out this (unofficial) Plat Map 

filed by the developer with King County.  

We have a PDF copy of it here.

Financing/Refinancing your Home?

Your bank or credit union might require certain information from TR HOA.  

You can find it here.